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JadeMission August 19, 2009
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August 19, 2009

Rent To Own Homes...
School Is Starting Soon!

For the kids, summer vacation is coming to an end. It's time for their brains to
be filled with facts and figures for another school year. But while they are learning Math, Reading, Science, and History, you can learn how powerful our Rent To Own Program can be for your future!

We added a new Rent To Own property to our website!
It is a 1-2 bedroom and will be available in the next week or two. It features ceramic tile in the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom PLUS it has a carport & shed on a private corner lot!
You MUST check it out @!
Click on available properties, then click on the home to view more information & pictures!
Please forward to anyone you know that may be searching for a Rent To Own home!
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Optimum Health...
Create Your Own Health Care Plan!!!
WHY wait for the government to figure out the health care plan? Why keep paying
more for medicine and doctor bills? Save money AND live better right now!

We are SO EXCITED to offer one of the most nutritious foods on our planet! Go now
to our NEW Heal Fast With Grass website ( and take responsibility for your health and your family's health immediately!
One of our favorite quotes is "The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step!" so just take one first step and be amazed how good it feels to get healthy!

Credit Education & Repair & Save $...
Raise Your Credit Score 200 Points In 6 Weeks!
Bad credit happens to good people. Our credit specialist can work with you and help
get your credit score up! He has years of experience assisting people just like
you reach their credit goals in order to buy a car or home, refinance mortgages,
or lower credit card rates!
Contact us at or 352-484-0866
to schedule your appointment.

Make $...
Use This Search Bar For Part-time Money!
Internet Search Bar
It's true! Most of us have a search bar just like this one at the top of our computer
screen that we use to find anything we're searching for online, don't we?! How cool
would it be if we got paid every time we searched for something on the internet!?
Why not earn money every time you or your family clicks on a sponsor result in a
Yahoo Search? Simply download the appropriate toolbar below to begin earning money
off of all your internet search clicks through an innovative worldwide profit-sharing
system. Certain Website Packages may even allow you to become eligible for your
very own personal Affiliate Bar which has even MORE income opportunities!!!
It is free of charge! So you MUST use this search bar! It can also be used to help
charities & fundraisers make alot of money for their cause!! Businesses can
use it to get more customers, too!
Follow these simple 10-step instructions to get your search bar FREE OF CHARGE & start making $$$ for searches!
1. Go to
2. Click on top middle "sign up"
3. Click on middle of page "click here" (for individuals looking to build an affiliate business)
4. Fill out your name, email address, & zip code, click "submit"
5. "Welcome to the online signup process" page will open, fill out all required
info, click "submit"
6. "You have been successfully signed up" page will open (you will also receive
an email with the same info)
7. Send an email to: Service@OurGV.Com (include your First Name, Last Name, OurGV
Website ID#, and a note requesting your own Toolbar).
8. You will receive an email titled: "TOOLBAR REQUEST AND GUIDELINES". Just initial
each bullet point & reply back to get your toolbar processed. We encourage you
to initial and return this email at your earliest opportunity. Upon receipt, your
toolbar will generally be created within 21 business days, sometimes even faster!!
9. You will receive your toolbar in an email for you to download!
10. Start earning $$$ for searches on the internet.
If you have any questions or problems, just call us at 352-484-0866! Happy searching:)

$$ $$ $$


Health, wealth, & happiness,

Jason & Denise Andras

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